Daniel Steiger Royal Swan Pendant
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Royal Swan Pendant

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  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Flawless Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Brilliant and Marquis Cut
  • Matching 18" Chain
  • Magnificent Presentation Case Included
A rather unusual law dating back to the 12th
Century states that the Monarch of England
could claim ownership of all mute Swans. It is a
tradition that continues to this day and killing a
Swan was, up until recently, technically considered
high treason punishable by death. No such
worries with our beautiful Swan pendant that has
been crafted from solid 925 Sterling Silver. The
delicate white feathers are represented by a
mixture of our flawless Diamondeau® - flawless simulated diamond in
classic round brilliant and Marquis cuts. 18"
matching chain included with our compliments.
Magnificent presentation case.

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