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The wrist band band would not fit any normal person.

I haven't had a chance to wear it or use it yet. Some weekend when I have time I might risk might risk taking the links out myself without the proper tools. I can just see those Spring loaded pins go flying to oblivion. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. What with closing my pool And such I have not had the time.

Sizes available

I need size 9

Harmony Golden Earrings

Baroque Ring
Bàroque Ring

The Baroque ring is excellently craft l love it's what l expected fits perfectly and is beautiful thank you

it's nice

The ring is beautiful it's a gift I hope it fits

Extremely nice ring

Like the look of this ring on the finger...

Great gift

My husband “hinted” he wanted this for his birthday. He absolutely loves it and it is an impressive looking watch.

I bought a black watch with red trim like that blue one !! Great watch lot of “can I see that” ya love it haven’t seen another one like it!!

This was his favorite of all our models--

My boyfriend was quite stunned as soon as he saw the box containing a 1958 Plymouth Fury, not only because the model represents a rare car, but because, as he said, the well-made and beautifully detailed model is “gorgeous."

Blue stone

Nice ring

Excellent Bargain

I’ve had my Renegade Blue Men’s Watch for nearly a month and it has been keeping perfect time. I’m very pleased with it.

A Hunter - Outdoorsman Knife

Beautiful Knife. Excellent workmanship.

It's beautiful and manly ,many people admire it and cant believe the price

rin tinn tinn and the love of dogs always

wife judy had portnoy her german shepherd loved him to death son has amber the golden operated on today not well pray for her being ok my dog lucky same story active duty 69-72 w germany augsburg ran officers clubs the love of a dog is most vip to all of us but soldiers even more so ever see spielberg move war horse this very similar have clients that sell suburus most of their good clients love dogs and children too many owners teachers etc their cients most loyal of any brand love soldier and dog statue tku angel

Peninsula watch

Very pleased with my watch, thank you

Velocity Men's Watch

Need a size 9 you only advertise 5 or 6

Need a size 9 you only advertise 5 or 6

1958 Edsel Citation
John F.O.J.C.U.
Beautiful Model

The detail in this model is extortionary.

Patriot Watch
Robert a.C.N.

This watch is absolutely beautiful, I bought it for my husband for our Anniversary! The picture does it no justice. Just Gorgeous!!!

Challenger Men's Bracelet


have purchased 5 different times from Timepieces international.
Wonderful people to deal with ; great communication and responsive.
Highly recommend.

So far so good.

The style,look and color are just magnificent, I just love it. I set up the time right away to match with my old watch. As of today about a month, they still match each other. I shut hope it works for a long long time. I got a lot of good comments from friends and strangers.

Matrix Steel Watch


This was purchased for my granddaughter; her birthday is in January.


Is great love it